Friday, March 16, 2012

Derek Garza on his experience as Assistant Director for free as injuns

What more can I say about working with Ruth Madoc-Jones on Tara Beagan’s amazing script free as injuns, but amazing! She is definitely a dedicated artist and was incredibly open and collaborative with her process. It’s rare to find a director who constantly strives for specificity and clarity in her work, and yet is so open and gracious with guiding each of the actors to where they need to be within the world of the play. The weight and gravity of the issues that Tara Beagan is challenging the audience to take on in free as injuns is not an easy task, and is hard for some people to understand or even grasp because it’s not a part of their social consciousness. I think that it is unfortunately obvious with some of the reviews that are circulating around town and online. Tara is asking some incredibly deep questions that have no easy answer, but still need to be asked. I don’t think this production could have been done without the tireless work of Ruth Madoc-Jones and the entire cast and crew of free as injuns. P.J. Prudat, James Cade, Ash Knight, John Ng, and Jerry Franken take on some tough roles and perform them with a passion, grit and joy. I couldn’t have picked a better show, cast, crew, or director to work with on this amazing production!

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