Monday, March 26, 2012

Community Liaison Aqua learns how to "WinTalk"

Issac Thomas performing Wintalkers at the AGM
I can now proudly say I am a WINTALKER! After spending a week with the very talented Keith Barker, Craig Lauzon, Waawaate Fobister, and last but certainly not least Isaac Thomas, I learned how to laugh at myself!

The experience was pure joy! Rehearsals were closer to being with friends, sitting around pulling each others legs, then reading lines. Having a director who is also a working actor made the rehearsal process easy going and open in such a way that anyone could speak their own opinions regarding character choice, choreography, blocking, and just about anything!

Following our outrageous performance of WinTalkers at the Annual General Meeting for Native Earth, it was evident that our NEPA family is supportive, loving, and best of all, they think we’re funny! Having our wonderful family see the piece before performing it for George Brown was an advantage, as it warmed us up and pumped us up for a younger and more vocal audience.

WinTalkers was definitely a hit at George Brown as the Community Workers’ students laughed and added their energy to the already lively show. We even had some walk-ins that stayed just to see if Isaac would dance again! His rendition of “Eye of the Tiger” stole the show as it encouraged the audience and his fellow actors to “shake what our mama gave us” too! In the end, the WinTalking experience was so enjoyable the performances weren’t even needed to feel fulfilled, however, sharing our silly jokes and expressive voices with the audience made the whole process amazing!

Finally, I was able to see how positive and exciting the Made to Order program can make any subject (even racism and dealing with stereotypes). It forced me to look at life in a positive way, laugh about the small things and to try and not sweat the big things.

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