Monday, August 5, 2013

Nish @ SummerWorks

Check out our Indigenous colleagues heating up the SummerWorks Theatre Festival this August 8th-18th

Zero Visibility by The Amy Project
New addition to the Animikiig program Cheyenne Scott is a creator/performer in The Amy Project dramaturged by NEPA Interim-Artistic Associate Falen Johnson.
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A Side Of Dreams by Jani Lauzon  (pictured above)
Oh you can buy them cheap, authentic Native Dreamcatchers… made in Indonesia. But as one single mother discovers while searching for her cultural identity, the spirit of the Dreamcatcher is awakened with prayer and once awakened, the ancestors you meet in the world of dreams may not be what you expected.
Camila’s Bones by Alejandro Valbuena
In a future, dystopian GTA, Camila, a young foreign-worker escapes from a city’s pig processing labour-camp to become an illegal surrogate mother. Citizenship, class struggles, immigration, and the politics of the human body collide in an unnerving story that will leave you wondering how far away the future really is.

Family Story by Aurora Stewart de Peña of Birdtown & Swanville featuring Cara Gee
The Milkaffers, currently living in the prairies of Manitoba, travel backward, forward and sometimes diagonally through time and space as the youngest Milkaffer daughter tries to figure out why she’s such a loser.
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Holy Mothers (Die Präsidentinnen) by Werner Schwab, translated by Meredith Oakes 
Featuring Jani Lauzon’s daughter: emerging actor Tara Renwick!  Meet the HOLY MOTHERS: prudish penny-pinching Erna, man hungry Grete and sublime bare-handed rescuer of clogged toilets Mariedl.  Three aging cleaning ladies attempt to release themselves from their banal existence: conjuring up fantasies of “Polish liver sausage Bishops,” Aryan tuba-playing lotharios, and divinely-clogged toilets… but to what end?

Maria Gets A New Life by Cliff Cardinal featuring Cherish Violet Blood (pictured above) and Lisa Cromarty
Maria Grace the First Nation’s single mom is also a wanted fugitive. After three months on the road, Maria moves her two kids into a vacant house. As the authorities close in, Maria is faced with her last hour with her children. Determined to give her children all the lessons they’ll ever need to survive in a world that is not made for people like them, this is to be the day that Maria Gets A New Life. From the creators of huff and Stitch, and Starring Cherish Violet Blood as Maria.

X by Sunny Drake, featuring the production management assistance of NEPA volunteer and apprentice Production Manager Brittany Ryan!
Sex. Booze. Facebook. Carbs… Drunk puppets?! Fess Up: what’s your guilty pleasure? After sold out shows in San Francisco, Australian Sunny Drake presents a magical, whimsical and honest look at addiction, grounded in LGBTQ experiences. Stunning stop motion animation and sharp live performance meld in this fast-paced one-man show.
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Also check out:

Salome's Clothes by recent NEPA General Manager Donna-MichelleSt. Bernard
Queen struggles to raise two daughters, sacrificing the family’s integrity in an attempt to secure short term gain. Salome’s Clothes illuminates our instinct to ignore the degradation of others in order to survive: a family saga that speaks to globalized crisis. Are we trading our children’s future for worthless trinkets?

Late Company by Jordan Tannahill and recent NEPA Production Manger Rae Powell’s Suburban Beast
A year after a tragedy, two couples sit down to dinner. But far from finding the closure they seek, the dinner strips bare their good intentions to reveal layers of parental, sexual, and political hypocrisy. Winner of the 2012 Enbridge playRites Award and Uprising National Playwriting Competition.

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