Thursday, January 17, 2013


Cafe Daughter by Kenneth T. Williams, a Gwaandak Theatre Production and Native Earth presentation at the Aki Studio Theatre is up and running, through to Sunday, January 20.

Director Yvette Nolan on Linda Leon's set.

Actor PJ Prudat at the feast, with Nolan and "Loud Lady" and masterful marketer  
Catherine Hernandez in back

Opening Night, with the Honourable Senator Dr. Lillian Eva Quan Dyck in attendance with the Honourable Dr.  Carolyn Bennett, P.C. M.P. speaking with Gwaandak Theatre Board President and Cafe Daughter Apprentice Actor Melaina Sheldon.

PJ Prudat, Senator Quan Dyck (the inspiration for Cafe Daughter), 
playwright Kenneth T. Williams and director Yvette Nolan

Opening Night hosted a bright and warm group of family and icons.
Thanks all, for coming, and thanks to those who have already booked tickets.
 Call 1-800-204-0855 to book your tickets NOW!

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