Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From the Gorgeous CIty of Whitehorse

We arrived safe and sound after a long travel day. Erin from the Yukon Arts Centre and Ruth from Nakai met us at the airport and made sure we were safely ensconced in the hotel. Embrace, another offering of the Pivot Festival was having an open dress rehearsal that evening. We had an awesome time of it, sang some karaoke to enliven the evening and had the most amazing welcome meal. David Skelton was in attendance so we had the opportunity to touch base with him, which was lovely.

Monday, Cole and I spent the day at the theatre, which is GORGEOUS! Everything on that front seems to be on track. I also managed to take care of the costume repairs. Erin from the Yukon Arts Centre took me on a drive around town to find a seamstress and a cobbler... the seamstress we found was a woman named Helen. She repaired what needed to be done AND reinforced all other seams on the garment as she could see that they needed it. She did all of this unbidden or asked for $5. $5! I tried to pay her more, she would not let me. So I offered her two tickets to the show tomorrow evening. I hope she comes. Lovely lady... gotta love the North!

Last night we all trekked out to the Hot Springs for a few hours which was lovely and relaxing. Then we looked at stars from the darkness of the bush on the way back. No northern lights but fingers are firmly crossed.

This morning PJ and Derek are in a radio interview at CBC.

We are all looking forward to getting into the theatre this afternoon for a run. It is such a beautiful space and the largest stage we have played so far. I am particularly excited to see how Act Two looks with all the inner workings of the space on view to the audience. We have a photographer coming this afternoon as well, from Nakai.

So that is our adventure so far. Thanks again for getting us here.


Photo of Whitehorse by Richard Cliff

Almighty Voice and His Wife play the Yukon Arts Centre Wednesday, Jan. 25, 4 PM and 8 PM

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