Wednesday, May 11, 2011

catch NEPA patron saint Amanda Pereira on stage in Aurora!

4) How did theatre win your love?
Indirectly my interest in theatre began because of my big sister. She started singing and, like many little sisters do, whatever she was doing, I wanted to do. In being put into vocal lessons by my parents however, I realized just how much I loved it for me. Training in voice opened me up to wanting to explore all of the performing arts. Growing up, apart from my aspirations to become like my big sister, I also had always watched shows thinking how spectacular it would be to actually be up there myself. My first show was when I was 15 years old playing one of the witches in Allison Williams' Mmmbeth. In preparing myself for the show, practicing with my fellow cast members, and finally performing it in front of my family, friends and community, there was a feeling like no other! I loved being able to share a story with people, and be a contributor to why they were enjoying themselves for those couple hours. I was hooked. I have since then been a part of as many theatre productions, musicals, and vocal performances I can; I am currently with Aurora Performing Arts Group, a community musical theatre group in Aurora - we're preparing to put on Cabaret in May! I love the feeling of being given a character to embody and bring to life and make your own. I love the excitement and the on-edge feeling of being a part of live theatre, and I love the trust the audience puts in you as a performer to give them all you've got! I believe I always knew that somehow performance would be a part of my life, and once I got involved I have never been able to look back. It has become, and maybe always was, a part of who I am.

thank you, Amanda.
break a leg.

-submitted by Amanda Pereira and Tara Beagan

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