Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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more from amanda pereira. please see part one back on april 25th.
2) What compelled you to gather support for Native Earth?
When the professor of my Indigenous Resistance in Global Context class (Guy Letts) recommended that we not only think about the things we were learning, but actually go out and do something about what was happening in our world, I couldn't have been in more agreement with him. Throughout the school year I had this unsettling need to do something; I hated the kinds of things I was learning had happened, and are still happening, to Indigenous peoples around the world. At first, I wanted to do everything...restore stolen land, return stolen children, abolish stereotypes and unfair biases, rewrite laws to benefit everyone...but I knew I had to find a focus. I thought the best place to start would be to start with what I know: performing arts. Performing arts has changed my life, and given me a kind of spark to persevere when things are difficult. What an incredibly wonderful and magical gift theatre has given me, everyone should have the opportunity to receive the same gift. Upon my researching, this is when I found Native Earth Performing Arts. To this day I cannot say exactly what it was that compelled me to this company, that kept my gaze on the website. In looking around Native Earth's Official Website, there seemed such life, such movement, and such inner peace. In reading more about the company, I truly admired their 7 values and the goals they presented. Upon meeting with Native Earth's Yvette Nolan and Ulla Laidlaw, there was such a presence of kindness and strength; even being in the beautiful inspiring office I felt that I was in the midst of something exceptional. They were resisting Indigenous oppression by giving Indigenous peoples a home to tell of their culture and their stories, collectively and individually - I loved that. In speaking more with them, I knew I wanted to support Native Earth in any way that I could, and I knew I had to give it all I had.
meegwetch, amanda.
-writing by amanda pereira

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